Coronavirus live news: New Zealand places limits on citizen returns as US cases near 3m | World news

Beijing city reports zero new coronavirus cases


New Zealand rations places for citizens returning home during Covid-19

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says he has been tested again for coronavirus


Nearly one in six Britons would refuse Covid-19 vaccine – survey

Nearly one in six Britons will refuse a coronavirus vaccine if and when one becomes available, and a similar number are unsure whether they will get one, according to a survey.

The findings come amid a significant rise in anti-vaccination sentiment on social media, and represent a threat to efforts to contain the disease.

Speaking of Kenya, allow me to introduce (if you don’t already know her) Nairobi’s Elsa Majimbo – a lockdown comedian unlike any other.

Viral videos filmed in her bedroom while under lockdown – during which she updates followers on her search for a boyfriend and warns her future child that they will never be given a car (“You have legs. Two in fact.”) – have made Majimbo a social media star.

“Ever since corona started we’ve all been in isolation,” one of her most famous videos begins, seeming as though it will continue with a heartfelt message.

“And I miss no one!” she says, laughing with abandon. “Why am I missing you? There is no reason for me to miss you.”

She continues: “And these ones who keep on telling me ‘I miss you’. Why?” She repeats the question four times. “Do I pay your school fees? Do I pay your rent? Do I provide food for you? Why are you missing me?”

Kenya emerges from lockdown

Israel reimposes restrictions

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tests positive for coronavirus

US cases near 3 million


Fury as Boris Johnson accuses care homes over high Covid-19 death toll

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