Coronavirus Australia updates: Morrison to discuss Melbourne outbreak with state leaders in national cabinet – live

Prime minister will discuss the impact of the pandemic as fears grow over pressure on aged care sector. Follow the latest updates

11.04pm BST

McManus said that if Australia had the biggest budget deficit since the second world war, it should also have the biggest investment in nation-building projects since the war too.

Yesterday, the Treasurer said that it is justas bad as after World War II. After World War II, what did we do? The Government invested in big national infrastructure projects and local manufacturing in all of those things… it left a legacy and that’s how we have to look at this, as a country.

11.02pm BST

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) have stepped up their calls for national paid pandemic leave to ensure that people are encouraged and supported to self-isolate when necessary.

Lack of sick leave and insecure work have driven much of the spread of the coronavirus in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs, according to the Victorian government, who have said nine out of 10 people do not self-isolate when they get sick and one in two don’t self-isolate while waiting for their Covid-19 test result.

We can’t recover unless we can get the virus under control. A bit like having a leaky pipe. Workers are unfortunately going to work when they’re waiting for test results or when they’ve got symptoms. So we’ve got to plug the leaks. We know that they’re there, and the way to do it is to take away the punishment that people have when they stay at home and isolate, which is sometimes losing their job, but quite often, losing all their wage.

So if we could take that away, that is one way of controlling the virus, because people know that they can safely isolate and they’re going to be supported. They won’t lose their pay and it means that so many more people will stay at home because we just take away that punishment for isolating.

The whole coronavirus situation has exposed just how vulnerable insecure workers are. One in three workers in our country don’t have paid leave….If we can take something good out of this coronavirus, let’s emerge stronger and let’s reduce the number of insecure jobs we’ve got.

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