Coronavirus Australia live updates: army sent to NSW-Victoria border as Melbourne lockdown continues | World news

What we’ve done is follow the medical advice, both at state level and at federal level.

As a country, one of the things we’ve been able to do is to flatten the curve, to stop that spread, and, in light of the number of cases in Victoria, the decision was taken between the prime minister and the Victorian and New South Wales premiers, often the back of medical advice, to do this now.

It represents a ring of containment for Victoria, which fits in with what we’ve also been doing at the local levels, so these are the steps that we always in the case of outbreaks, and now is the time to enact them in order to contain that spread.

At the same time, to provide the support. Contain the spread, provide the support. They’re the things that we’re doing. And we’ve been through this, sadly, as a country, before. We are now going through it in particular as one state.

Right from the start, in February, we’ve talked about the concept of rings of containment, whether it’s been suburbs, broader areas such as north-west Tasmania, or when it’s required to take that step.

Now is the moment when we believe that step, for the first time, is required, and necessary and it relates specifically and exclusively to the challenges that Victoria is facing. And so the concept of rings of containment, of isolating areas, has always been part of it.

This is the first time that we believe that the triggers have been met and the challenges are such, with numbers, that it’s appropriate, required and necessary.

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