Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria records 13 deaths and 723 new Covid-19 cases as NSW reports 18 cases and Qld three | World news

What we know is that an outbreak, an infection in one place can very easily lead to more infections. We have to, as a nation, be prepared to do whatever is necessary to minimise the risk of infections.

And what is clear, and has been clear for some time, is that if people have to choose between putting food on the table for their family and having the risk of going to work in order to earn income and being able to stay at home, then that puts them in a very difficult situation. And we need to provide the security that is necessary so that looking after one’s health is the first and only priority. Because the risk is just too great.

That is why Labor is calling upon the government to provide support for paid pandemic leave, for anyone, any worker who is currently not entitled to it.

Scott Morrison needs to understand the urgency of the introduction of paid pandemic leave. Frankly, there is no excuse to delay any longer. It has been 142 days since Labor has called for a special leave entitlement that would allow workers to stay at home and isolate if they are sick or suspected of being an exposed to Covid-19. The government must act and it must act as a matter of absolute urgency.

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