Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria records 127 new Covid-19 cases as NSW border to close

NSW and Vic border closure announced as Covid-19 cases continue to rise and Melbourne’s ‘hard’ lockdown of public housing towers continues. Follow the latest news

Premiers and PM decide to close border
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2.42am BST

Daniel Andrews finishes on this:

Just in conclusion – can I again say I am so grateful to all of those who are making enormous sacrifices, those who are on the front-line of our fight against this virus.

We’ll continue to support you, and we – all of us who aren’t living in locked down postcodes, all of us should not only be sending our best wishes, but following the rules in order to thank those who are in much more restricted circumstances than the rest of our state.

2.42am BST

There have been no reports of anyone living inside the locked down towers refusing a Covid-19 test.

Daniel Andrews:

As far as I know, those who have been asked for a test have been part of program.

That will ramp right up today, and we’ll be able to provide you probably a more detailed report tomorrow. I just don’t think there’s any reason for people not to consent to a test in those towers.

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